Meditation Steel Drum with Sticks & Stand Blue

PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING in USA 48! Meditation Steel Drum This D-major pentatonic steel drum is fun to play and makes a great gift! Every one will love the meditative tones You can't make a mistake because any thing you play on a pentatonic scale sounds good. The Pentatonic scale has been used by most civilizations and still widely in use in many parts of the world mostly in traditional, folk music. Drum dimensions: 14 inch face, 3 inch side 6 notes in D pentatonic scale Steel Drum is hand-made from recycled metal drums and has a nice red painted face and side Stand is made from unfinished PVC and stand about 24 inches tall. 2 Wooden or Bamboo Sticks with Wrapped Latex Tips. FAST SHIPPING!

Meditation Steel Drum with Sticks & Stand Blue
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